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Brides May Cry Over Trump's Proposed Wedding Rental Hike

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If you're a bride in Rancho Palos Verdes, you only have to shell out $585 for a three-hour wedding event at Founders Park, far less than what it costs---$150,000--for an event at Trump National Golf Club, located right next to the park. But with a three-year agreement between the city and golf course set to expire, Trump reps, who manage the weddings on the park, want to raise rates, reports the Daily Breeze. Via the Breeze: '"Trump has found it costs more to manage it than what they initially thought,' said Tom Odom, the city's interim director of recreation and parks. 'It's impacting their facility.'" Tuesday night, the City Council will decide whether to raise rates or stop offering event rentals at the 5.5-acre park, which was given to the city as part of the golf course's development agreement. About 40 weddings have taken place there in the past two years." According to the Breeze, the rental fee would rise to $2,670 for residents, with $2,250 going to the golf course. Meanwhile, Trump continues to battle the city over a planned housing component.
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