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Gensler Designs Shipping Container Cabins for Local Boy Scouts

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When you think of global architecture firm Gensler, (JW Marriott/Ritz, Regal Cinemas) you automatically picture the Boy Scouts, right? Metropolis magazine informs us that Gensler’s Richard Hammond, AIA, is helping replace (pro bono) the cabins that southern California scouts use on Catalina Island with sustainable shipping container structures. Hammond, an associate at the firm's Santa Monica office, designed a prototype featuring a recycled deck, natural ventilation, solar power, and rubber floors (one scout describes them as "a splinter-free place of wonder"). A Westminster construction company donated the boxes, of which they cut out windows and lopped off the tops, which Gensler replaced with a vaulted roof made of stretched silicone-coated fiberglass. The plan is to have the scouts build 20 more cabins, but apparently their minds are too occupied with issues of badge accumulation. [Image via Metropolis]
· Cabin Upgrade [Metropolis]