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Two-Story Townhome in Hollywood

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Let's evaluate this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhome, shall we? First the pros. It's certainly centrally located, right behind the Roosevelt Hotel, which means its close to public transit, shopping, and Fresh 'n' Easy. According to the listing, it has windows on three sides and only shares a single common wall. It also has a step-down living room with a fireplace and balcony, hardwood floors and a formal dining room. The master bedroom suite also has a wrap-around balcony. And it's priced below comps. So what are the cons? The unit seems to be facing the street, which might be noisy? Parking can be a bitch in that neighborhood too. The bedrooms and bathroom look pretty generic. The living room looks pretty, um, cozy. And we hate the carpeting in the bedrooms. The unit was last sold in Feb 2008 for $400,000. Today's asking price is $449,000 or $334 per square foot (almost $100 less than comps). Listing is here.

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7040 HAWTHORN Ave #1 Los Angeles, CA 90028