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Schwarzenegger: Let's Slap Another Freeway On Top of the 405

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At a press conference yesterday at a Caltrans construction site for the 405 widening project, Governor Schwarzenegger recalled the good old days when he could drive from Santa Monica to the Valley in ten minutes, a trip he says now takes at least half an hour. He said that's why he supports the $1 billion Sepulveda Pass project and that "hopefully, eventually, we will build on top of the 405 Freeway because I think we need another freeway on top of the existing one." Yep. Stack 'em up, Bay Bridge-style, says the gov. Streetsblog points out that the state is serious enough about the plan to at least have a sketch, and that the plan belies the governor's tenuous green image. How about a plan that combines kooky stacking with public transit, like perhaps hanging maglev pods underneath the existing 405? [Image via KTLA]
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