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Blog's Ambitious Goal of Yelping LA's 17,000 Transit Stops

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The acerbic Bus Bench blog, via a Google mashup map, is working on reviewing all of the city's bus and train stops--Metro operates 74 rail stations and 15,967 bus stops (and there's Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus, the Culver City bus, etc.). The goal is to have every stop yelped by August 30 (and they're asking for help from the public). There's currently about 57 bus and train stops reviewed, with symbols that connote whether they're woman-safe, clean, near bars, or adjacent to drug deals. The commentary seems to be mostly right-on. On the Pershing Square subway stop: "If you're with a group this station is fine. It's dirty and many people loitering around the 5th, but do get off on the 5th St side. The 4th street side is filled with people sleeping on the sidewalk and if you're a woman and you're by yourself it can be extremely unpleasant if one of these gentlemen wake up." On the westbound bus stop at Venice and La Cienega: "This stop for the 33 (local) never has a clear view down Venice. There are always a couple campers or trucks parked just beyond the bus stop so that you have to go out into the street to see if the bus is coming."
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