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Gag Us With a Spoon: Galleria Girls Wanted For Reality Show

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So what's the over/under on how long we'll have to wait to see the Real World: Downey? Because the reality shows set in LA neighborhoods just keep coming. And how is it possible television has even existed for this long without a Valley Girls show? A casting call at Reality Wanted asks, "Do you consider yourself a 'real' Valley Girl? A production company seeks outgoing young women, living in the San Fernando area, who think it's time TV captured what the Valley is really all about. If interested, please submit...a short video of yourself to give us an idea of your personality and why you are a true, modern day Valley Girl." Do the kids still say "bag your face"? Because we think it can be bigger than "smooshing."

The Malibu Surfside News, meanwhile, reports that parents are freaking out over a rumor of a Malibu High School reality show for MTV. The school's paper reported that 40 students auditioned for the show in December, but the administrations says they haven't heard about it, and MTV claims ignorance too.
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