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One of Craig Ellwood's Courtyard Apartments in Hollywood

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Craig Ellwood's Courtyard Apartments was an early success, designed right around the same time as his Case Study House 16 in Bel Air and completed in 1953. The Craigslist ad says the fourplex "was awarded first prize, 'Collective Dwelling Category,' at the 1954 International Exhibition of Architecture. The judges (including Le Corbusier, Sert, Aalto and Gropius) said of the building, 'The Courtyard Apartments is Ellwood’s preeminent solution for courtyard living with a compact plan. The entrance court, which establishes a screen between the house and street, creates both interior and exterior spaces.'" We can't vouch for the quote, but the rest is at least sort of true. The award was actually given at the Second Bienal of the Museum of Modern Art at São Paulo, Brazil, according to California Modern: The Architecture of Craig Ellwood, and the judges included all of those bold-faced names except Le Corbusier.

The project was a commission by television host Roy Maypole, who gave Ellwood a budget of $10 per square foot, and the exposed steel trusses used here became an Ellwood signature. Originally the building had "four neatly arranged, interlocking apartments, each one facing a small courtyard," but two of the units have been combined. The unit for rent has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a powder room, dining room, den, laundry, two patios, and a fireplace. Rent is $3,700 a month.