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Lots of Ivy With Your Pasadena Buff and Hensman

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Priced at $1.195 million, this Buff and Hensman hasn't hit the market since 1969 so if you have a penchant for architectural homes and a love of ivy, head to Pasadena. "Designed in 1954 by one of Southern California’s most celebrated contemporary architectural partnerships . As in many of their houses the curb view is nearly hidden by site placement or landscaping. Here taking full advantage of the site the house is embraced by, a small, wooded arroyo with a natural flowing stream. Through simple lines, natural wood and glass they created a design that connects with its natural surroundings enhancing the experience of the interior and exterior spaces." A three-bedroom, one and half bath residence, it's 1,876 square feet.
· 820 BURLEIGH Dr [Redfin]
· Official Site [BH]

820 BURLEIGH Drive, pasadena, california