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Atwater Village Mews Opening, Piero II Construction Rumblings

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Photos of the Mews' model unit
ATWATER VILLAGE: The Mews, that Atwater Village development is having their Grand Opening this weekend. A model home is done, more photos have been taken, and you can walk through the place this Saturday and Sunday from 1- 5 pm. Ask the developer why they named their project after a British term for stables. Here's the official site. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Moat work underway? A tipster writes in to say that some sort of construction work is going on at developer Geoff Palmer's Piero II project at Sixth and Bixel, the one that was involved in that lawsuit. Previously, commenters had said the same thing, so maybe work started a while ago. [Curbed InBox]

The Mews

4255-4310 Perlita Ave., Los Angeles, CA

The Mews

4254 - 4310 Perlita Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90039