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Have a Peak: Stunt Sign Raises $1 Million

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Save the Peak sign coming down today. Via Victoria Williams
With the "Save the Peak" sign coming down today (the photo above shows what looks to be the beginning of the rewind), the stunt raised $1 million since the sign's transformation last Thursday, according to a press rep for Trust for Public Land. A press rep for the Trust tells us that donations came in from Los Angeles, but also from around the world. Additionally, a group of enterprising girls set up a lemonade stand near the sign. But seriously, all those Hollywood people are cheap. Only $1 million raised in total? "We expect the Hollywood community to step up," he said. Overall, the rep says the Trust "feels confident" they'll meet the goal, and raise the roughly $4 million left of the $12 million pricetag to be able to purchase the land. deadline to buy the land expires April 14th.
· Group still lacks $4M in Hollywood sign fundraiser [SF Gate]