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Day 2: Welcome to Saveypood, Sorry to the Confused Tourists

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Via Eazylanish

Here's the latest photo of the Hollywood sign's metamorphosis into "Save the Peak." According to Fast Company, "a late start, light breeze and difficulties working with a delicate historic monument," left the sign at Sallywood overnight, but some work this morning has put us at Saveypood, which sounds like a British nickname for something. This iteration, plus FC's interview with Signquest's Ramy Baramily, the creative director of the makeover, confirms that the "the" will be squeezed onto the "Y." The temporary sign costs "in the high five figures" and uses thousands of yards of mesh fabric. Baramily says the red was the city's decision, and that the Hollywood Sign font was considered and apparently rejected (no reason given). Over at the LA Times, there's a slideshow of past Hollywood Sign hacks, from the sign's less-protected days--we vote 1992's Perotwood "most unexpected." Stay tuned throughout the day for more exciting messages, like Saveypeod.
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