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Old Hunting Cabin in Echo Park

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If you're having trouble finishing that novel and MacDowell or Yaddo have yet to extend an invite, this secluded two-bedroom, one-bath cabin in Echo Park might be a good place to hole up with the ol' Remington. Unfortunately, the listing fails to include any shots of the interior (suspicious!), but at least the green trim is a nice touch. So is the washer/dryer. Rent is $2,500. More: "Believed to originally be a Hunting Cabin. Be in the middle of and yet totally hidden in the middle of the City. This 2+1 cottage is far up in the Echo Park Hills on a cul-de-sac. Pass through a wooden gate and walk down the brick steps to cozy storybook privacy. The second bedroom is on the first floor and separate from the main upstairs area which is ground level at the front door. Washer & Dryer is included. Lots of outside space to get in touch with nature.--Pauline O'Connor
· 1920 Walcott Way, Los Angeles 90039 [MLS]

1920 Walcott Way, Los Angeles 90039