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Chetrit Group Will Do What It Damn Well Wants

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Embassy Auditorium: A long way from its glory days

The Downtown News looks at some of the downtown projects held by New York-based Chetrit Group, a firm which owns the Hotel Clark, Embassy Auditorium and Hotel, and Giannini Place (all sites which haven't done seen much in the way of activity, even before the real estate crash). "In each instance the buildings are notable for the length of time they have remained empty, their key locations and the activity happening around them (Chetrit also owns a fourth Downtown property, an office building at 611 W. Sixth St. formerly known as the AT&T Center)." While downtowners express frustration with the lack of movement on those projects, it doesn't sound like Chetrit cares that their firm is being criticized. Via the paper: "Michel Attias, a Chetrit Group representative based at 611 W. Sixth St., said last week when reached by phone, 'What other landlords think about my buildings, I don’t give a damn. I don’t care about their buildings. I conduct my business the way I want.'"
· To Have and to Hold, and Hold and Hold and Hold [Downtown News]