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Someone Wants the Wicker, Koreatown Dusty Lot Check

LOS FELIZ: Just a day or so after noting the price drop of former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton's home in Los Feliz, commenters point out the listing is now reading "Sale Pending." Perhaps Bratton closed the deal by throwing in the wicker with the house. [Curbed Staff]

KOREATOWN: For those who were wondering about the owner of that dusty lot in Koreatown, the site where some people want a park, it's owned by Shinyoung America, an overseas development corporation. They've always owned the site; we mistakenly wrote they'd sold it. The size in preliminary discussion for talks with the CRA (verrrryyy preliminary talks) for a park is approx 30,000 sf on the 7th and Hobart side. And development could still rise on the Wilshire side, according to the listing broker for the land, who also adds the land could be sold. Sounds like any sort of scenario could take place. [Curbed Staff]