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Expo Authority Finds Compromise, Has a Lot of Work to Do

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As reported, the much-anticipated Expo Line light-rail from downtown to Culver City (and then Santa Monica) is running a bit behind schedule. The Expo Construction Authority is working round the clock to open the line to Crenshaw this year, and to downtown Culver City in 2011 or 2012, but the LAPD shut down 24-hour construction after the locals complained of noise. The two groups recently got together to try to meet in the middle. Samantha Bricker, an Expo spokeswoman, tells us that, "We’ve met several times with the police commission, as well as with the community, and the path forward is that we will be preparing monthly requests to the police commission which outlines all our anticipated work going forward for that month and we will demonstrate what community outreach efforts we’ve made and then they will hopefully give their approval on a monthly basis for that work." Bricker says the construction authority is also working on mitigating noise and justifying the night work to locals. As evident in these photos of the future Phase I terminus stop in downtown Culver City (which will be elevated like a Chicago 'L' station), a lot of work remains. Also evident is that the area around the stop looks like a still from The Road, and is rife for development.
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Expo Line Phase I terminus

Washington and National, Culver City, CA