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Vacant, But With a Pool in Sherman Oaks

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This little guy has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is right across Burbank Boulevard from Los Angeles Valley College. It's got oak floors, ceramic counters, a two car garage, a bonus office off the garage, and a pool. Plus some nice 1955 flavor. Unfortunately, no one's using that pool, except maybe some mischievous teens. According to the listing, the house is vacant and the seller is motivated, but pricing has been all over the place. The house was listed in September last year at $490,000 before being kicked up to $590,000 in October. After some small chops from there, it's now listed at $495,000, for a grand upping of $5,000.
· 5539 COLDWATER CANYON Ave [Redfin]

5539 Coldwater Canyon Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA