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Pumpkins Be Gone: Retail, Restaurant Planned for Third and Fairfax*

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For years, the northwest corner of Third and Fairfax has remained an empty lot/pumpkin patch/XMas tree depot. Well, toss those holiday memories to the wind: the Larchmont Chronicle reports that Gilmore Land Company* (not Tom Gilmore, as originally written) owns the lot and is turning it into a one-story retail establishment with adjoining restaurant. The lot is 76,000 feet, but the retail/restaurant takes up one-third of that space--the remaining room will likely go to the planned 113 parking spots, which may please locals scared of patrons using street parking. The city is already reviewing the project and the developer is planning a presentation to the Mid-City West Community Council. Gilmore VP Mark Panatier is already working to fend off shrieks of "the TRAFFIC!" He told this to the Chronicle: "We believe that this modest development will fit nicely into the community."
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