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Hollywood and Vine Parking Garage, Handball Court Fundraiser in East LA

HOLLYWOOD: This is a shot of that under-construction, city-owned 457-unit garage near Hollywood and Vine (PGAL is the project architect, and construction is scheduled to take about 18 months). But this garage looks to be one of those "future" garages that the city is considering leasing out to private investors under a plan deemed risky. Sorry, baby garage. Your mother is broke. [Curbed InBox]

EAST LA: Via the LA Conservancy's site, news of a fundraiser to preserve the historic Maravilla Handball Court on Mednik Avenue. "Join the Maravilla Historical Society (MHS) in kicking off their capital campaign to purchase and restore the oldest handball court in East Los Angeles...Built brick-by-brick by East L.A. residents in 1923, the Maravilla Handball Court reflects the rich layers of history common in Los Angeles." And here's the official site for the court. [LA Conservancy]