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Angels Flight Delay Slammed By Councilwoman Perry

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The Downtown News reports City Councilperson Jan Perry wrote a letter on Jan. 20 to Metro CEO Art Leahy, "urging [Metro] to consider taking over operations of the [stalled Angels Flight funicular] which has been delayed following numerous promises of near-openings by John Welborne, the volunteer president of the Angels Flight Railway Foundation. Via the Downtown News: “There is a tremendous concern about the fact that this February 1, [2010] will mark the ninth anniversary of Angels Flight not operating,” Perry wrote to Metro. “This is really pathetic.” In her letter, Perry says Grand Central Market is losing customers due to the fact that "Bunker Hill customers who are unwilling to walk up and down the 153 steps next to the railway." But the paper also interviews members of the Angels Flight Foundation who don't think Metro's takeover of the project would make it re-open any faster. The weirdest part of the delay may be the behavior of Welborne himself, who has never really fully explained why the re-opening process is taking so long. And of the opening date*, he says: “The minute we know when we open we will tell everyone on Twitter.'"*clarified quote!
· Angels Flight Closure Hits Nine Years [Downtown News]