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Graffiti to Fester in Large Swath of City After Water Blasters Stolen?

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Tagging removal is backed-up in Echo Park and environs, reports The Eastsider, as two high-powered water blasters were stolen from an Angeleno Heights non-profit that works on removing graffiti from the area. The Central City Action Committee had two master water blasters lifted from a maintenance yard last week--it's about $12,000 for the equipment, which requires a trailer for the water, and insurance doesn't cover the full cost for replacement. Thanks to the theft, it's taking about two weeks to respond to requests for graffiti removal on sidewalks; that's twice as long as normal. As CCAC has moved aggressively to paint over wall graffiti, vandals have taken to the sidewalks where the blasters must be used (they also knock out graffiti on trees and brick walls). The CCAC, which removes graffiti from Westlake to Highland Park, is now operating with a solo blaster. Echo Park graffiti from xXxBrianxXx via Flickr
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