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Group Cries Density Doomsday, Files Lawsuit Over New Zoning Code

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Remember that new zoning code that was recently approved by the city? L.A. Neighbors United, a group led by neighborhood activist Cary Brazeman, filed a lawsuit today in Los Angeles Superior Court over the zoning code. Specifically, the suit addresses the Community Plan Implementation Overlay Ordinance, alleging violation of California Environmental Quality Act, and arguing an environmental review of the zoning code changes wasn't conducted.

The suit alleges that the CPIO ordinance represents a “sweeping change to the City’s Zoning Code with far-reaching land use, growth, transportation, housing and environmental implications.” According to the suit, the city refused to prepare an EIR pursuant to CEQA on such a big project. In a statement, Brazeman, who also just happened to spend a night at the Golden Key in Glendale (how are that city's zoning codes, Cary?) argues the new code will encourage unbridled density. “If you like the City’s SB 1818 density-bonus ordinance, you’ll love the new CPIO District Ordinance," he writes in an email. "Wall-to-wall density. In some places that will work, but in many others it won’t. One of the bigger risks is districts that allow lots to be subdivided in single-family neighborhoods. There’s a lot of concern about that.” A call to the office of Michael LoGrande, Planning Director, wasn't immediately returned.


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