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Marmol Radziner Jewelry Launches Site, Alta Lofts Gets FHA Financing

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LOS ANGELES: Known more for their architectural restorations and their prefab division, Marmol Radziner launched a jewerly line earlier this year. And now the jewelry venture is going virtual. "The launch of its online store ( [arrives with a ] special promotion to benefit The Painted Turtle. Ten percent of all proceeds will benefit the Southern California non-profit organization, which aims to offer life-changing experiences to seriously ill children through an array of summer camps and year-round camp programs." That will make buying a $190 gold bangle easier. [Marmol-Radziner]

LINCOLN HEIGHTS: We're told that Alta Lofts nee Fuller Lofts was just approved for FHA financing. Will that persuade you to be a pioneer in the neighborhood? Just think of the early morning thrifting you can do at your backyard St Vincent de Paul! (update)Here's our past coverage of old friend Alta. [Curbed InBox]

Alta Lofts

200 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA