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USC Wants to Buy Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Sports Arena Land*

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So much for that proposed redesign? The ESPN site is reporting that USC is seeking to buy both the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Sports Arena and the adjacent parking lots. Garry Paskwietz,'s publisher writes: "This would be a huge move for USC and one that could pay off dramatically in the future if the university is able to take control and create a home stadium environment designed specifically around the needs of the university. For so many years the traditional home of the Trojans has been run by the Coliseum Commission, a hodge-podge of government factions which is often slow to get things done and react to various market needs." According to the LA Times, the deal--the properties are owned by the city, county and state--will have to be approved by Governor-elect Jerry Brown's office. UPDATE*: It's more complicated than just a bulk sale: The state/Coliseum Commission would still run the Coliseum, while USC would be the landlord under this deal.
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