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Let "Mad Men's" Vincent Kartheiser Sell You on Public Transit

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Those Metro Motion newscasts that air on the buses--and hosted by those slightly-scary "PM Magazine"-esque hosts--has a new segment starring Vincent Kartheiser of "Mad Men" fame, reports The Source. As noted before, the actor is a devoted bus and train user who takes transit everywhere (and lives in a modest Hollywood apartment). The Metro Motion segment tags along with Kartheiser as he waits for the Red Line, and the 31-year-old explains how he first started taking transit when his car broke down four years ago and has been a loyal user since. "LA's a very different city when you're not in a car," he says. "And I like it more." If you desire a Kartheiser spotting, he says he often takes the 3rd Street bus (the 16 and the 316) to the downtown-area "Mad Men" studio.

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