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Boyle Heights' Historic Boyle Hotel Finally Getting a Facelift

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BOYLE HEIGHTS: Tomorrow afternoon is a kick-off party for the $24.6 million renovation of the 1889 Boyle Hotel, located on the edge of Mariachi Plaza and the new Gold Line station. The 32-room hotel, a city historic landmark, was purchased in 2006 by the East LA Community Corporation. A longtime home for mariachi players and local families, the building will be renovated into 31 units of affordable housing, all rentals, while a second building (also affordable housing) will rise next to the hotel. The entire project will be done in 18 months, and when finished, be renamed the Boyle Hotel-Cummings Block. The two buildings will also hold space for a mariachi center, a museum, and 41,000 square feet of commercial space.

The financing comes from a variety of sources, including the Community Redevelopment Agency. As for why it took so long to get the renovation going: "We wanted to get the input from the community, and we've been working to get the hotel up to code," Isela Gracian, associate director at the East LA Community Corporation, tells us. [Curbed Staff]