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Los Angeles Thought It Meant Something to You, Daniel Libeskind

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Does starchitect Daniel Libeskind have a very specific and recent signature or is he just ripping himself off at this point? A reader is not pleased to see that a Libeskind apartment building planned for São Paulo, Brazil looks a whole lot like the 43 story mixed-use tower Libeskind (supposedly) designed for Figueroa Street in downtown (Which his website says was "developed within the current fabric of downtown Los Angeles."). Our ranter writes:

Remember Danny Libeskind's 'Robocop meets Hepa Air Filter' design for Figueroa Street in Los Angeles? The one that was abandoned leftovers from an aborted scheme in New Jersey? Well the bespectacled, cowboy-boot wearing 'Genius' is still trying to pass off those cold and now rancid leftovers as a site-specific design. This time it's Sao Paolo in Brazil that's getting the refried, retooled rehash of intersecting wedges and balconies. Speaking to his special genius for strongly contextual solutions that deeply reflect the special character of each site, Libeskind noted, "that he derived design inspiration for the project from Brazil’s natural and urban beauty and from its people who exhibit shared humanity."

Wait a sec .... isn't that what he says about EVERY city he works in? So how come his projects always look more or less the same? Can we get some answers please?

So is this a sign that the Fig tower isn't happening, or is downtown going to have a fraternal twin in Brazil someday?
· Libeskind's Downtown Tower: New Jersey's Leftovers? [Curbed LA]