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Curbed Cup is Here, Name the Neighborhood of the Year!

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Nearly every year, Curbed readers have made it a tradition to decide LA's neighborhood of the year. This award is called the Curbed Cup, and we hand out this shiny jpg to whichever neighborhood shone brightest and boldest during the last 12 months. Everyone knows a lot of plans were sidelined by the economy, but what neighborhoods prevailed through the downturn? What neighborhoods added new or interesting architecture; made preservation efforts; eked out advancements in transportation; added fabulous new bars, restaurants or grocery stores; or worked to bring parks or dog parks to the area? What small but recognizable steps did a neighborhood take to transform itself, and ultimately make LA a better and more livable city?

Curbed Cup will return to its bracket-style, 8-neighborhood format with votes to take place over the next couple of weeks. But the selection committee needs input before the seeding is set. Think a certain neighborhood should make the big dance-off? Tell us why! The best arguments will be used to help sway fellow Curbed Cup voters once the contest kicks off. You can state your case in the comments on this post, or e-mail us your nominations. Past winners include the Historic Core ('07) and Culver City ('08). Last year, Curbed LA paused competition for a redesign and a big Aughts look-back, but 2010 will proclaim yet another Curbed Cup winner. Onward!
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