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More Issues With Wilshire Bus Lane

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Streetsblog has a letter written by Raymond Klein, Chair, Brentwood Community Council, urging opponents to show up at Metro's Thursday meeting to speak out against the Wilshire Boulevard bus-lane. It's not clear how many Brentwood residents oppose the lanes, but Mr. Klein doesn't look to be a fan. Here's his argument: "Many of you will recall that trial bus lanes were in place on this section of Wilshire Blvd. in 2004 and 2006, and the impact on traffic was severe. In fact, the LADOT (Dept. of Transportation) stated that the bus lanes “caused adverse impacts and significant delays to mixed traffic on Wilshire Blvd as well as parallel streets like Sunset Boulevard,” and Councilman Rosendahl said at the time that the bus lane “has caused more gridlock than it has helped.” [Streetsblog]