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Taalman Koch Renting, Renovating in Ellwood's Courtyard Apartments

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Local firm Taalman Koch Architecture is renting out a double unit in Craig Ellwood's Courtyard Apartments in Hollywood, and they're going to document their renovation of the space for Dwell. (This appears to be the very same unit we saw in February, renting for $3,700 a month.) The partners plan to use the apartment for both living (with their four year old daughter) and working (with an office of four to six people). Linda Taalman writes that "perhaps to most people in Los Angeles, up to nine people sharing one 1,600-square-foot space sounds crazy, but after spending ten years in New York I saw a lot of potential." She says the changes they're making "should be minimal, economical and reinforce the original Ellwood design elements."
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