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Hollywood Takes Curbed Cup, Named Neighborhood of the Year

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HOLLYWOOD: To close out 2010, we can finally reveal that Hollywood has beaten Old Bank to grab the Curbed Cup. The neighborhood is now on its second or third recent renaissance, evidenced by the planned Emerson College project; the new Trader Joe's; Metro improvements around the Red Line; well-received restaurants like Cleo; some interesting adaptive re-use plans that hopefully will actually happen. Amid the post-boom development scene, the few duds that arrived were at least outed by design critics: A member of the Hollywood Design Review Advisory Committee admitted the new Target design wasn't sophisticated enough for the neighborhood, while most Curbed commenters were horrified with the look of the Jefferson@Hollywood apartment complex. Here's hoping that all corners of Hollywood see decent design in 2011 (and the city demands it). And Hollywood, enjoy your place among past Curbed Cup winners like Culver City (2008) and Historic Core (2007) in the Hall of Fame winners.
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