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Two Questions about LA's Dreaded Solid Resources Fee

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Not one, but two questions regarding LA's resources fee, a trash pick-up free charged to residents, hit in the InBox this week. For those who never open their bills: For a single-family home, you pay about $72.64 every two months for trash pick-up; if you live in an apartment, it's approximately $48.66 every two months. If you're a senior and/or disabled, you can get a discount. As for the fee itself, it's a Bureau of Sanitation charge collected by the Department of Water and Power. Can you get around it and haul your stuff to a dump for instance? Not really. The fee is tied to the electricity, so you would have to demand that your meter is shut off to forgo paying the solid resources charge.

"I'm wondering if you have any solutions to the problem that is the SOLID RESOURCES FEE on my la-dwp bill. I live in a duplex, make about one grocery bag full of trash per week, and while understanding that it is state mandated that everyone have trash pick up service, it absolutely pains me to have to pay $70 something dollars every two months for the city to tote away my 4 small bags of trash per month. Perhaps there is a way around this that I'm just not seeing? Or maybe a private vendor would be the way to go?

And the other question: "I just noticed the DWP charges me $49.59 every two months for the Solid Resource Fee.Why is it so expensive, and are other cities like this, do they charge as much?"
· Solid Resources Fee/Extra Capacity Charge (SRF/ECC) [Bureau of Sanitation]