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Tarzan Johnny Weismuller's Mid-Century in Cheviot Hills

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The listing for this three bedroom in Cheviot Hills claims "The property was owned in the past by Johnny Weissmuller. Tarzan lived here. True, no joke!", which sounds pretty convincing. There's also that "Johnny" signature in the concrete, above what very well could be an "Allene." Weismuller would have been married to Allene Gates in 1953. We're sold! Star power aside, the 1951 house has a pool, a flat backyard, and a formal dining room. The seller or stager is clearly not a mid-century fan and no one seems too concerned with preserving this place. The listing says "The property is very livable now but it also offers incredible development potential," and goes on to note the property across the street, "which sits on a much smaller and less attractive lot was developed in 2009 and is presently listed at $3,195,000." Pre-development, the house is asking $1.495 million.
· 10323 LORENZO Dr [Redfin]