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Holiday Popup, So Many Sample Sales, Really Ridiculous Underwear

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Image via Elizabeth Daniels
ECHO PARK: Local label Blood is the New Black has opened a holiday season popup that Racked declares "completely friggin' adorable." Wares include old-timey looking soda, badass clothes for tots, and Alex and Chloe jewelry.

DOWNTOWN: 'Tis the Sample Season. Racked has put together a schedule, they've visited some of the many sales at the Cooper Building, and they've revisited some of the many sales at the Cooper Building.

PALOS VERDES: Thong overexposure is so unsightly. Wouldn't you rather have a giant fake tramp stamp or some granny panties there? Apparently that was the thinking from the Palos Verdes dentist who invented PKboowear. Racked asked readers how they'd deal with the issue. Weirdly, only about 73% have answered "Buy properly fitting pants or a good belt?"
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