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West Hollywood Gives Side Eye to Colossus Limos

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West Hollywood is no fan of those bridge and tunnel gas-guzzling hedonism-mobiles known as Colossus Limousines, councilmember Jeffrey Prang informs us in his monthly newsletter. The city is exploring ways to restrict the use of these new limos which frequent WeHo's bars and clubs; the limos are 40 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and can seat 30 people. Prang describes the limos as thus: "Colossus represents a new breed of supersize limousines which are marketed as parties on wheels. Though not all are as large, these new limousines are generally converted stretch SUVs and can be outfitted with hot tubs, fireplaces and beer kegs and are designed to accommodate 14 – 30 guests." Prang says the limos--which get 8-miles to the gallon--are so big and clunky they slow down emergency vehicles. Earlier this month, the city council directed the transportation staff to put their heads together with the Public Safety department, Parking Services, and the City Attorney to look at formal restrictions on the Colossus. The company that operates the limos claim they're the biggest in the world.
· Jeffrey Prang [Official Site]