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Artist Wants to Spend Millions Building Real-Life Orange Curtain

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Piero Golia is the artist who put a Golia beacon on top of the Sunset Strip Standard (it's lit when he's in town), but his latest scheme is more for the people: he wants to build a wall between Los Angeles County and Orange County. Finally. In an article on the LA art scene, Golia tells Interview "I think we need it. Walls keep people happy." He's started his own corporation to make it happen, saying "It will take $24 million to build a wall separating Los Angeles from Orange County...In the business world that is nothing. In art, forget it."

Incidentally, does anyone remember a story from over the summer about an enraged driver who rammed his cab into a Hollywood Hills house? That was Golia's house, and a snapshot of the incident is part of a recent work. Here's an ABC7 still of the event:

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