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Expo Line Wish List for 2011: A Bridge Over Sepulveda

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Writing in CityWatch, Mar Vista transit advocate Ken Alpern lays out his hopes for LA transportation in 2011. Aside from passing a federal transpo bill, getting work started on the Wilshire subway extension, and figuring out unresolved issues for the Crenshaw Line and the Regional Connector, Alpern states his desires for Expo Phase II, which is expected to finalize engineering and begin construction in 2011: "The elevated, not ground-level (at-grade), rail alternative at Sepulveda; the no-parking alternative at Westwood Blvd. station, and an increase of parking at Sepulveda Blvd. station; an Expo Greenway between Sepulveda and Overland that will create the Westside’s newest park; the City of Los Angeles to link the future Expo Bikeway on the aforementioned Greenway, as well as north-south bike lanes on Sepulveda and Westwood to connect to those two rail stations." The Sepulveda station is currently planned as a ground-level stop, but a design option makes an elevated station a possibility.
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