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Hollywood Freeway Park Party, Fly Away Request to West Hollywood

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HOLLYWOOD: Friends of the Hollywood Central Park--the group backing placing a tidy 44-acre park over the Hollywood Freeway--will hold their second annual For the Love of Hollywood
celebration on Jan. 6, 2011. Recipients of this year’s Real Stars of Hollywood awards are Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA 31), the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, USC Professor of Landscape Architecture Gerdo Aquino, and Bancroft Middle School Principal Maria Elena Rico. Proceeds will go towards the Friends of the Hollywood Park, and individual tickets start at $250. More via the official web site. [Hollywood Central Park]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Following some air travel, the Pink Line blog is in a pensive mood. "We already have Fly Away buses to/from LAX and Union Station, Irvine, Van Nuys and Westwood. I wonder if one is viable to/from West Hollywood or nearby?" More. [Pink Line Blog]