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Damage Allegations Bring Homeowner Lawsuits Against Disney

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The Glendale News Press reports that a handful of "property owners have filed insurance claims for damage to their homes that they say was caused by the construction of a childcare center on the sprawling Walt Disney Co. campus in west Glendale. The residents have complained that the construction caused cracks in the walls of their homes and made life on nearby streets a living hell." The homeowners estimate the damages to be between $8,000 and $40,000 for each property; they've also included $11,000 for each property for “quality-of-life impacts," caused by the construction, according to the paper. In response, Ed Chuchla, Disney’s senior vice president for corporate real estate, tells the paper that residents' concerns will be dealt with. Back in 2009, Disney faced a lawsuit from residents in and around Burbank claiming that Disney contaminated groundwater with toxic chemicals.
· Residents near Disney campus file insurance claims for home damage [GNP]