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Post-Bankruptcy MGM Moving Into WME's Blue Bev Hills Gensler

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Both the Hollywood Reporter and the Beverly Hills Courier hear from unnamed sources that MGM has signed a lease to take over the entire Beverly Hills building commissioned and then abandoned by the William Morris Endeavor agency. MGM is less than a week out of bankruptcy and leaving its eponymous Century City tower, where it will pay a one-time fee to its landlord to break the lease, according to the Reporter. WME has had a tougher time getting out of its deal for the six-story building, which it hired Gensler, then Neil Denari to design. Agency head Ari Emanuel reportedly hated the results, WME backed out, and developer Comfort called in the lawyers. The Courier calls the issue "settled," but the Reporter says it's still "unresolved." The Courier also hears that WME will be staying in its current home at 9601 Wilshire.
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