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Photo LA Coming to Santa Monica*, KCRW's DNA on Best of 2010

MID-WILSHIRE: For those interested in Photo LA and Art LA, the two forces are coming together in early January at the Santa Monica Auditorium. Art, photos and plenty of free chardonnay via the official web site. [Photo LA etc] *Updated

LOS ANGELES: KCRW host Frances Anderton's DNA show recently asked design experts to name their picks on the best of 2010. Who wins? CicLAvia, of course. But the most interesting answer to emerge was LA Times' Christopher Hawthorne's thoughts on how the recession may be a good thing for LA. Perhaps LA needs "to get away from the idea that growth is a good thing, and always the thing that we should be chasing," Hawthorne said. Check out all the interviews here. [DNA]