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85 Years Later, Pasadena Housing Tract Declared Historic

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[1927 photo via Pasadena Star-News; house via Google Street View]

The 23 houses of Pasadena's newest historic district have a real story for our times: They were built in the 1920s in the middle of nowhere, needed major pricechops to sell, and in a happy ending, now make up one of the city's fanciest neighborhoods. The Weston-Bungalowcraft Landmark District on Annandale Road was Pasadena's first housing tract, developed around 1925 by A. Edison Carter and the Southern California Improvement Company from five patterns drafted by Rex Weston. One of the landmark applicants describes the houses as "funny little...faux Tudor and Spanish-style." He tells the Pasadena Star-News that the houses were originally priced at $5,000, but sat on the market for about a year with no takers, and eventually sold in the low $4,000s. Weston-Bungalowcraft is Pasadena's eighteenth historic neighborhood.
· Pasadena's first housing tract gets landmark status [PSN]