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LAX Construction, Ball Nogues Rolls to Boyle Heights

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LAX: A reader snaps this photo: "You may have a lot of reports about progress at LAX with lots of travelers this holiday. But I was very surprised to see major progress on framework for the new terminal at LAX." Quite exciting--even if we're not entirely sure what we're looking at. UPDATE We're seeing some jagged rooflines. Check out the rendering. [Curbed InBox]

BOYLE HEIGHTS: More signs that Boyle Heights is undergoing some shifts and changes? From the Twitter stream of Ball Nogues, the guys behind everything from the Santa Monica parking balls to that UCLA "Table Cloth," comes word the designers are leaving their current space. "Ball Nogues is officially out of the Old Bank District in Downtown. LA. See you at our new home in Boyle Heights." [Twitter]