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How's Michael Ovitz as a Client, Michael Maltzan?

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Image via W
W magazine gets a glimpse inside the 28,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion designed by Michael Maltzan, described as being a spread that's part art gallery/part home. Actually, scratch the word "mansion." This is a "villa," according to the article, the architectural term villa "communicating wealth, prestige, and power...the ideal today...still defined by Palladio’s 16th-century Italian country houses, structures that both Maltzan and Ovitz know literally inside and out."

As for the design, we learn that "Maltzan delivered some 25 concepts before Ovitz was satisfied. Eventually he lit upon the idea of three interconnected boxes, which were later wrapped in a perforated-steel skin, arrayed along the lot’s descending ridgeline."

And take this act on the road?: "Although this is the first joint interview Ovitz and Maltzan have given, client and architect already have a chummy routine. "I told him right up front that he probably shouldn’t take the job,” says Ovitz. “That was completely true,” Maltzan chimes in. “He said something to the effect of ‘This will either be the biggest thing for your career or it will completely destroy you.’ I kind of liked that. If he thought in those extremes, then he was willing to go to incredible lengths to make this thing amazing.”

Meanwhile, Maltzan drives an "immaculate black BMW" and is also "designing a futuristic apartment for actor Vincent Gallo in downtown L.A." That would perhaps be Gallo's Biscuit Lofts pad? There's also a photo gallery of more of Maltzan's recent work, including recent affordable housing projects in downtown.
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