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Brakes on Santa Monica Taxi Plan Following Alleged Discrimination

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Following a lawsuit by five Armenian-American-owned cab companies alleging discrimination, a judge has placed an injunction on Santa Monica's new taxi policy, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. As previously noted, the beach city is majorly scaling back the number of cabs that cruise around the city because they believe the surplus of cars increases traffic and pollution, and prevents drivers from making a living wage. To reduce the number of taxis, the city chose five companies who can operate around 60 cabs each. None of the taxi companies chosen are Armenian-American-owned: "The Armenian companies are more qualified, if not identical, to the current franchisees selected by the city," Tamar Arminak, an attorney for the Armenian operators, told the SMDP. Kate Vernez, assistant to the city manager, says the city did not discriminate in choosing the companies. A hearing on January 7 will decide if the taxi plan--supposed to start in January--will be put on hold while the litigation proceeds. Image from Joan Garcia via Flickr
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