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Diller Scofidio + Renfro Museum Reveal Countdown

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DOWNTOWN: January 6th is D-Day for revealing Diller Scofidio + Renfro's renderings for Eli Broad's new downtown art museum, a press rep confirmed yesterday following a city zoning hearing for the project. The press event to show off the designs will be held at Disney Hall (and who isn't amazed the renderings haven't leaked out at this point?).

At the hearing yesterday we also learned a few more facts about the project: Both the Broad Foundation and the Community Redevelopment Agency (the latter will own and operate the museum's garage), are pushing for a reduction in the number of garage parking spaces for visitors--their theory is that enough downtown parking exists, and visitors can park at a lot, and then walk around, visiting the Broad Museum, MOCA, or other spots. (MOCA currently doesn't have a garage, and that example was used by a CRA rep to illustrate how a similar operation could work at the Broad Museum.) UPDATE: Initially, more than the required number of spaces will be built, and museum visitors can use those, but the CRA wants to eventually turn those spaces over to the planned residential Grand Ave towers that are a part of the Grand Ave project (still a ways off.)

But following the Broad Museum and CRA's presentation, the planning rep asked for more information, including details about the number of parking spots downtown, so no immediate decision was made.

And some tentative deadlines: Rob Pinkerton, a rep for the Broad museum, told the administrator shoring work is planned to start in January, the garage construction will start in April, and the museum will start construction around September. Also, there’s a tentative finish date of December 2012 for the museum, but “that’s aggressive, and that date could push later,” he said.

And amid all this movement on the museum, still not a peep from that group from Shen Yun Performing Arts. Moved on? [Curbed Staff]