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A Contractor's Dream Awaits You in Silver Lake

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Regular readers of the LA Times Home section and Apartment Therapy may recognize this jazzy abode as the residence of one Al Teman. A century-old Craftsman that had been red-tagged by the city following the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the property has been refashioned by Teman, a contractor and co-owner of Silverlake Architectural Salvage, into a steampunk dream house. Now it seems Teman is looking to share his remade manor, but not with just any ol' roomie, as this fanciful Craigslist ad makes clear.
"We're looking for a lively and amicable SOCIAL LIONESS (or lion) to share this amazing home. Originally built in 1909, it contains about 3300 square feet of living space, all REMODELED with two things in mind... INSPIRING CREATIVITY and ENTERTAINING CELEBRITIES!!" the posting begins, going on to list the various features of the rental, which include a 600 square foot rooftop tanning deck, use of a detached recording studio, laundry room, and "an UNDENIABLE, 'SMOKING-HOT' VIBE, due to the many BUILT-IN ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS, TRANSPLANTED from INFAMOUS & ICONIC, LOS ANGELES LANDMARKS and CELEBRITY HOMES." But before you pack your steamer trunks, be forewarned: "Potential tenants MUST BE TOLERANT and not disturbed by occasional spontaneous late-night social activity OR the sounds of LIVE MUSIC (NOT heavy metal!)! MUSICAL or otherwise OVERLY EXTROVERTED people may sometimes drop in unexpectedly." Monthly rent is $1,150.
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