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Long Beach Finally About to Get Its Safe, Spacious New Courthouse

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The new Long Beach Courthouse, designed by AECOM, is officially a go, the state announced yesterday. The state had previously found Long Beach's old structure, which will stay open until the new building is ready, to be "one of the worst courthouses in California in terms of security, overcrowding and physical condition," according to the Daily Breeze. The new courthouse will be the first California project to work on a "performance-based infrastructure" agreement, which means the state will partner with Long Beach Judicial Partners in a 35 year service agreement and "make payments based on the success of the building's operation and maintenance." LBJP will start construction in 2011 on six acres between Broadway and Third and Maine and Magnolia, and expects to open the new campus by 2013. It'll include 31 courtrooms, 9,200 square feet of retail, and a holding facility. There are also plans to expand a Magnolia Avenue parking structure. The courthouse pricetag is $490 million. [Rendering via the Daily Breeze]
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