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Big, Secret Sweetzer Development Opportunity Awaits

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"DO NOT WALK ON PROPERTY OR DISTURB TENANTS!!! THEY DO NOT KNOW PROPERTY IS FOR SALE!" A reader forwards this listing, writing: "Seems like the tenants should know." Well, they may know now. The listing says this property is being sold for land value, and hey, "this site is a potential 50+ unit development," according to the seller, although there's the caveat "buyer to verify." There's also some talk about depth: "These lots average over 160 ft. in depth, whereas other lots in the immediate area average approx. 130 ft. in depth." Asking price for a developer likely to get into a gnarly fight with the neighborhood over a 50-unit project: $9.3 million.
· 728 North SWEETZER Avenue [Redfin]