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Crunching the Numbers: Is the Rain Soaking the Rich?

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The LA Times dropped some National Weather Service data on this week's rainfall: Beverly Hills has gotten 7 inches since Friday, Santa Monica has gotten 6.28, Pasadena's gotten 6.27 inches, and the Hollywood Reservoir has gotten 6.88. Given those neighborhoods, we wondered if maybe the storms are hammering rich people hardest, so we turned to our good friend statistics for answers. Using data from the LAT's Mapping LA project, we did a quick and dirty statistical correlation between median income and rainfall. Result: a non-statistically significant negative correlation (r=-.22), meaning what little evidence there is actually points to lower income neighborhoods having a higher rainfall. (Just for fun, we plugged in median age too: nothin'.) So you heard it here first: the weather does not hate the rich. [Image via Christophe Choo]
· Beverly Hills is L.A. wet spot: 7 inches of rain and counting [LAT]