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ModCom Holiday Party, What's Andrew Meieran Going to Buy Next?

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DOWNTOWN: Last night, ModCom (the Modern Committee of the Los Angeles Conservancy), held its "Modern Master" Award Ceremony at Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown, honoring architect William Krisel (pictured, with ModCom Chair Regina O'Brien). What a hoopla! Two hundred plus people turned out for the event, some dressed in various stages of period garb. We ran into ModCom member Chris Nichols, who told us it had been a good year for preservation because no one can afford to knock down anything and build anew, while we also spotted Clifton's owner Andrew Meieran, who said that restoration work on Clifton's was already underway, specifically tile work. We asked Meieran, who also owns The Edison, what old gem he was hoping to buy next. While it doesn't sound close to a done deal, it turns out he has his eye on a place. "It has the most amazing room," was the only hint offered.

Maybe it's the troubled Los Angeles Stock Exchange building on Spring Street? (More bad news for the place: The building's owners, Pax America, filed Chapter 7 last week.) Nope, it's not the Stock Exchange, said Meieren. So let the guessing begin! Meanwhile, Conservancy chair O'Brien told us the Conservancy was going to start work on registering the downtown AC Martin-designed DWP headquarters as a historical cultural monument. And for those who want to learn about ModCom, a volunteer group formed in 1984 in response to the rapid destruction of a generation of postwar buildings, head to their web site. [Curbed Staff]